SENSITIVITY Inspirations®

Sincerely welcome to SENSITIVITY Inspirations

This is an exciting moment for me that we have this chance of actually getting together – here and now!

What I wish for is that people who appreciate the inspirations I offer them will be able to say quite sincerely:
- Their life feels good! They have new energy. It’s dynamic! They understand!
- They use the time they have as human beings and enjoy life to the full!
- They want to share this joy, this love, this gratefulness and awareness with others!

  • What SENSITIVITY Inspirations is about
    - SENSITIVITY Inspirations is neither political, nor religious
    - SENSITIVITY Inspirations is not esoteric
    - SENSITIVITY Inspirations is an inner attitude
    - SENSITIVITY Inspirations is renewal
    - SENSITIVITY Inspirations is simply extraordinary
  • The way SENSITIVITY Inspirations helps
    - Perceiving and understanding new inspirations
    - Identifying dreams and desires
    - Understanding names, sensing and using the energy in a name
    - Uncovering true character and personality
    - Becoming aware of others and developing a loving attitude
    - Confident approach when looking for a partner
    - Partner check
    - Business advice
    - Compose texts
    - Developing corporate identity, targets and name
Christina Förster

I look forward to hearing from you!